1) Introduction

What is MySQL

  • MySQL is an open source relational database management system
  • Currently, MySQL is owned by Oracle corporation.
  • MySql uses a client-server model that means database runs on a server and data is accessed over a network by the client.
  • MySQL uses structured query language SQL which define/update the database.
  • SQL is generally used in almost all database system.

Installing MySql

Installing MySQL separately can be a bit complicated sometimes. The process of installing MYSQL server software vary significantly and is dependent upon the number of factors including the server environment, database application, and many other factors. The good news is, there is a complete cross-platform package called WAMP available for that includes MYSQL, Apache Web Server, and PHP

If you do not have MYSQL or WAMP already installed then you need to install it first
Installing and Running WordPress with Wamp

Once MySQL is installed you are ready to go. If you have downloaded WAMP locally you can access it