Are you planning to host a website but confused by all the variable options and price available and still deciding which type of hosting to use? Then this is the perfect place for you to know right away which type of hosting you should use and how much you should spend. You need to know why some hosting service is more expensive than others.

What you will learn?

What is Server?

A server is basically a computer that store the actual files of your website. The server is always on and available. Various hosting companies provide you with servers and it is their job make sure that server is always available and running. This exchange of request and response takes place every time a web page is requested. You able to send and receive this data through the internet. When you open a website from your computer or mobile, a client such as a browser from your computer sends a request to the server that is storing all code for the website, a server responds by sending a copy of a webpage that is downloaded from the server and displays it in your browser.

If you are building a website for just learning purpose it is possible to host a website locally on your system

Read here: How to set up a website locally with WAMP.

Which Server to choose?

Which Operating System: The main thing to choose your server is to choose what type of operating system you want to use. Your choices of the server are mostly in between windows and Linux operating system. Choice of operating system determines what type of software you can install and which services it uses.
Linux: an Open source operating system that means it is free of cost.
Windows Server: Developed by Microsoft and are commercial which makes it little expensive. Do some research before reaching a conclusion, which type of OS will best suit your application.

Does Server supports your application: Make sure whatever server you are using supports the server-side scripts that you need. Like if you what to install WordPress make sure it can run PHP. Some server will allow only some types of scripts, for example, you will be able to run .NET application only on Windows server.
Check what all a server provides.

Before reaching to conclusion check :

  • Amount of storage
  • Amount of Users
  • How much information can be transferred at the same time.

Tip: For many servers, you find Unlimited storage / Unlimited file transfer – make sure to confirm what it means They may have unlimited storage and file transfer but check what will happen to server speed if your site gets too busy.

So research your choice carefully.

How many domains you can have on the same machine? You can have multiple domains in your site that mean you can host multiple sites on the same server. Check if you can create subdomains.

Ability to Host Database: Check that server you are taking is able to host the Database which you will be using. Check your server with how many databases it allows.

What is Domain Name?

For every website, there is a unique domain name that. Is an address of a particular website.
There is also a unique Internet protocol address or IP address for each website that is a true identifier of a website.

IP Address: a series of number separated by dots. As the IP address not easy to remember and can change over time we use the Domain name instead of IP address for identifying a particular website.

While choosing a domain name make sure your name is easy to write and pronounce.
It should not be too long.

What is Hosting?

With a domain name, people can access your website, but you also need some space in the cloud to store all your files that create a webpage. So you need to purchase a hosting where you put all your files. Basically purchasing hosting means, renting a space on the server. There are various types of hosting available depending upon your business requirement.

Type of Hosting available:

  • Shared Hosting.
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting.
  • Dedicated Hosting.
  • Cloud Hosting.
  • WordPress Hosting.

Shared Hosting:

Multiple websites are stored and running on one same server. Everything like memory and disk space will be shared. This is a most popular option as it is easy and cheaper since the cost is shared between multiple customers.

The problem with shared hosting occurs when one of server shared with you eats up most of the space then you may face some performance issue but if that is more prominent than you can ask your hosting provider to change your server.

Virtual Private Server(VPS):

In this type of hosting also multiple sites share the same server, but there are comparatively fewer sites compared to shared hosting but here each site uses its own resources so increased traffic on one site will not affect other sites. The cost will increase as compared to Shared Hosting. But if you don’t want to compromise on site speed go for this.

Dedicated Hosting

Only your site on the server and you are King of that server. The cost will definitely be higher as you are owning entire kingdom and not even sharing resources. This type of hosting used by companies with high traffic or e-commerce business.

Cloud Hosting.

In this type of hosting website is hosted on multiple servers that work together unlike shared or virtual hosting. It also acts as dedicated hosting. Cloud server manages high traffic as other servers can support when needed. Price can fluctuate as you only pay for what you use.

WordPress Hosting:

If you have a less technical knowledge and you are using WordPress as a content management system for your site you can go for WordPress hosting.

Tip: There are various numbers of hosting providers available. Just do some research before choosing your hosting provider.

All you want to know about Hosting

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